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All In Champion Award

Welcome to the 'All in Champion' award category for the MEFA Diversity and Inclusion Award in partnership with Campaign and the Advertising Association. This special award category is specifically for companies who have made substantial progress in diversity, equity, and inclusion (D, E & I) and have successfully embedded it in their ethos and company culture.

To qualify for this award, you must be an Advertising Association - All in Champion and demonstrate significant improvements in diversity and inclusion within the past two years since the first All in Census. The work you have done reflects in your company culture and your employees agree with and support your D, E & I initiatives.

The application must showcase the positive response and impact your efforts have had, particularly in relation to the All in Survey results. Provide details of how your organisation compares to the survey's findings in terms of gender, ethnicity, disability, and social mobility. Additionally, share the breakdown of diversity within your C-Suite and the gender make-up of your organisation.

In the application, you should address the following questions:
1) What initiatives have you implemented to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organisation?
2) What have been the results of these initiatives in terms of creating a more diverse and inclusive company culture?
3) What are your future plans for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organisation?


We are looking for companies that have made significant strides in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace, as well as embedding these values into their company ethos. Join us in celebrating and honouring All in Champions who have made remarkable progress in driving diversity, equity, and inclusion. Submit your entry today and showcase your commitment to creating a more inclusive future.


Submission requirements: 500 words / 1 page

Unsung Hero Award

This award recognises those extraordinary individuals from diverse backgrounds, who may have gone under the radar but have made a significant positive impact on those around them. We are seeking nominations for individuals who have dedicated a significant part of their career to volunteering within their organisation(s), working tirelessly to foster diversity and inclusion.

Our Unsung Hero has been actively involved in advancing D, E & I initiatives, whether it's through volunteering with Employee Resource Groups or taking a leading role in D, E & I committees. With a commendable track record, this individual has been instrumental in implementing programs that have effectively changed the culture of their organisation(s).

We invite you to nominate those exceptional individuals who have positively impacted their workplace through their unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. Help us honour these Unsung Heroes by shining a well-deserved spotlight on their accomplishments.

Submission requirements: 500 words / 1 page

Change-Maker Award

This prestigious award is open to any individual who is making a significant impact on the media and advertising industry by actively committing themselves to achieving, creating, and inspiring positive change.

The Change-Maker award celebrates individuals within the industry who not only commit to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their policies, but truly live and breathe it. These exceptional individuals are championing D, E & I through the lens of various dimensions such as race, gender, social mobility, age, sexuality, and neurodiversity.

We are seeking nominations for individuals who have not only committed to D, E & I within their organisations but have also achieved remarkable results. They are creating change within the media and advertising sector, influencing and shaping a more inclusive and equal landscape. These Change-Makers are trailblazers who consistently create opportunities for underrepresented individuals and inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Join us in recognising and celebrating these remarkable individuals who are transforming our industry or their organisations for the better and paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive future. Nominate a Change-Maker who deserves this prestigious honour today.

Submission requirements: 500 words / 1 page

Creative Excellence Award

This award celebrates an exceptional campaign (within the last 18 months) with outstanding creative work that champions diversity and communicates powerful messages of inclusion and authenticity. The campaign demonstrates a commitment to authentic portrayal and representation of underrepresented groups. 

We are looking for entries that showcase the ability to seamlessly integrate diversity and inclusion into their creative campaigns. This includes the ability to authentically represent diverse groups and incorporate different points of view, encouraging authentic representation through advertising.

Applicants should consider the following questions when submitting their entry:
- What was the brief that inspired the creative work?
- What research was conducted as a foundation for the brief?
- What was the campaign plan, including timings and targeted audience?
- How was the response to the campaign measured?
- Was there any research conducted post-campaign to assess the impact?


We are seeking entries that go above and beyond to push the boundaries of creativity while highlighting and celebrating the diversity within our society. Show us how your creative work has successfully captured the essence of diverse audiences and paved the way for greater representation in advertising.

Join us in recognising and honouring the outstanding creative work that encourages inclusion, challenges stereotypes, and connects with diverse communities. Submit your entry today and showcase your commitment to creative excellence in diversity and inclusion.

National and Regional submissions will be considered separately for this category.


Submission requirements: 1000 words / 2 pages + examples / imagery

Inclusive Media Planning and Buying Award

This award category recognises a campaign (within the last 18 months) that showcases exceptional audience understanding and expertise in media planning and buying; ensuring representation and reaching diverse audiences that are often overlooked or underrepresented.


Research has shown that 92% of consumers from diverse backgrounds want to see brands advertising in community media outlets as well as mainstream channels. This award honours the team that has not only recognised this need, but has also taken action to adapt their strategies to effectively speak to the full spectrum of the UK population.


We are seeking national entries that showcase how teams have rethought their traditional approaches to media planning and buying for a specific client. The winners will demonstrate how they have incorporated fresh approaches, using a combination of mainstream channels and community media outlets, to better represent and reach diverse audiences.


When submitting your entry, please include a campaign timeline to showcase the strategic planning process. Additionally, provide a thorough review of the targeted audience and share insights from the discovery process that helped identify the best ways to reach these specific audiences. Lastly, we encourage you to include research that highlights the impact and success of the campaign in reaching and engaging more diverse audiences.


Join us in celebrating and honouring the teams that have gone above and beyond to reshape the media landscape and improve the performance of advertisements by truly understanding and connecting with diverse audiences. Submit your entry today and help us shine a spotlight on exceptional inclusive media planning and buying practices.

Submission requirements: 1000 words / 2 pages  + examples / imagery

Hammer Award

This distinguished award aims to recognise and celebrate a senior leader from a diverse background who has shattered the glass ceiling and made remarkable strides in incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion across their business.

The entry for this award should provide an in-depth account of the nominee's career journey, highlighting the obstacles they have faced and conquered to reach their current position.

We want to hear how they have overcome these barriers and demonstrated exceptional leadership skills along the way. This leader should serve as a role model for others, inspiring them to break through their own barriers and pursue their dreams.

Notably, the nominee should have a track record of implementing innovative strategies that have enabled their business to outperform competitors. These strategies should focus on recruiting, retaining, and promoting a diverse workforce at all levels, not only within their organisation but also within the wider industry.

We are seeking a leader who demonstrates a deep belief in the power of diversity and its transformative impact on businesses. Their commitment to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce has led to exceptional results, setting them apart from their peers and the norm in their industry.

If you know a senior leader who has relentlessly championed diversity, equity, and inclusion, and has made significant contributions to their business and the broader industry, don't miss the opportunity to nominate them for the 'Hammer' award. Submit your entry today and shine a spotlight on an exceptional leader who is driving positive change and paving the way for a more inclusive future.

Submission requirements: 500 words / 1 page



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